Unlocking Blue Economy Potential

Being the only university at sea level, the subject of the blue economy is naturally intriguing for us. It is a rich industry that can significantly transform the lives of the communities at the Coast and beyond.

As many individuals, companies, and stakeholders gain a significant interest in this thriving industry globally, we all need to be part of these conversations.

How are we utilizing the ocean resources for economic growth and improved livelihoods? How are we preserving the health of marine and coastal ecosystems? How are we empowering the local coastal communities to benefit from the oceans around them? How are we addressing climate change? What are we doing to reduce marine pollution and manage the waste? How are we promoting tourism through our oceans and marine life? What innovations can we come up with to solve our problems?

We invite you all to be part of these crucial conversations at our 5th Multidisciplinary Conference & Innovation Week. Let’s talk about the Sustainability of the blue economy, Innovation and cutting-edge Technology, and Cross-Sector Collaborations that can help us unlock the vast potential of the blue economy.

“The Blue Economy is great, the funding mechanisms are there, but if we work together we can create an era of Blue Prosperity–which takes it to the next level.” ~Anonymous.

Photo Credit: https://thelawyer.africa/