The Future of Generation Z Lies in Transformative Education

UNESCO describes Transformative Education as “the teaching and learning geared to motivate and empower happy and healthy learners to take informed decisions and actions at the individual, community and global levels.

Learners must engage with the world and find coherence between the world they experience in school and the world we all wish to build outside school.”

As we continue to actively come up with learning strategies that align with the fast-paced world, we cannot forget to talk about our Kenyan education system as it gradually embraces the competency-based curriculums. It is crucial for institutions of higher learning to consider, evaluate and create new ways for the coming generations to prosper in their own unique worlds.

To build these conducive environments for now and our future, we not only need to be highly informed, but also need to learn how to listen, understand, empathize, connect, engage, collaborate, and be active in solving complex problems.

Join us in our upcoming Multidisciplinary Conference & Innovation Week (2-5 April 2024) as we delve into Transformative Education and other important sub-themes. This year’s core theme is ‘From Ideas to Impact: Igniting Cross-Sector Innovation to Shape a Sustainable Future.’