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Manuscript Preparation
Submitted articles should be formatted according to the guidelines outline below. Overall length of an article not more 20 pages excluding figures and tables, single spaced, font size 12, Book Antiqua?

Title page: This should contain a concise title and the names of authors followed by affiliations and their complete postal addresses. The corresponding author and email address must be indicated.
Abstract: The abstract should not exceed 200 words, and should be on a separate page. It should briefly describe the main points of the manuscript, i.e. the topic, the main findings and the conclusions
Keywords: Four to six key words are required for indexing purposes
Introduction: A brief survey of relevant literature and objectives of the work should be given in this section. Thus, the introduction should largely be limited to the scope, purpose and rationale of the study
Literature Review: The literature review should be synthesized and critiqued. Major research literature should be reviewed. The literature review should be current, logical and rigorous.
Conceptual/Theoretical Framework: The theoretical framework should be relevant to the topic explored and be well developed. The theoretical framework should be used as an analytic tool throughout the article. Useful tenets and constructs should be used throughout the manuscript
Research question: The research question(s) should be clear, major issues covered by the study should be thoroughly introduced
Materials and Methods: In this section, the methodology used should be clearly explained, including relevant references, such that another person can repeat the procedures. It should provide the framework to gain answers to the questions or problems identified. Sampling methods must be elaborated as well as analytical frameworks and model specifications. The author should ensure methods of statistical analysis used are appropriate
Results: Make the text as objective and descriptive as possible. Only material pertinent to the subject should be included. Avoid presenting the same information in both graphical and tabular form.
Discussion: This section should interpret the results in view of the problems identified in the introduction, as well as in relation to other published work. The final paragraph of this section could include concluding remarks and recommendations for future work
Citations: Authors should be cited using their surnames, followed by the year of publication. Two authors should be separated by ‘and’. If there are more than two authors, only the first author, followed by “et al.”, should be given. This and other Latin or foreign terms should be italicized
Acknowledgement/s: This section should be brief. Authors are advised to limit acknowledgements to substantial contributions to the scientific and technical aspects of the paper, financial support or improvements in the quality of the manuscript.
References: The reference section must contain an alphabetical list of all references mentioned in the text of the manuscript. Use APA referencing format and give all journal names in full.

Procedures for submitting articles
Submission of articles is through Submitted articles will be subjected to a peer review process


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